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Insulation Removal


Difficulty of Project:     Average Job Duration: 1-2 Days    Energy Savings: Not Applicable

Have dirty old insulation that needs to be removed? Ready to make the move to foam and need an extraction? Or do you think you have old style vermiculite insulation that is filled with asbestos? ANR Home Insulation has what it takes to tackle that insulation removal project. We can even replace it with higher performing insulation when we’re done.


Top Reasons to Replace Old Insulation

In most scenarios, insulation can last the life of the home. Unfortunately there are outside causes that can damage, or even destroy the effectiveness of your insulation. Below is a brief list of common causes for needing insulation removal.

  1. Animal/Pest Infestation – If animals or insects decide to make your insulation your new home, there is not much you can do especially if it has been a long standing problem. Rats and mice love to feed on the paper on batt insulation, and roaches like to scurry across the tops leaving their dinner behind. If not caught very soon, you will be dealing with a problem that can only be fixed with a complete removal and vacuum.
  2.   Water Damage – Anytime water touches your insulation, it destroys the R-Value (insulation strength) but also makes your insulation a host for mold and mildew growth. Liquid has a hard time evaporating from insulation so it tends to set and stagnate. Common causes of wet insulation are: roof leaks, plumbing leaks, or bare hvac ducts that are condensating and dripping water. It is important to get this problem taken care of immediately before mold spreads through your home.
  3.  Vermiculite Insulation- Vermiculite is a type of insulation installed in the 1960’s through the 1990’s that contained high amounts of Asbestos. Vermiculite insulation is a pebble-type, pour-in insulation that resembles little grey rocks. This type of insulation needs to be handled with extreme caution due to the health risks.

Does Old Insulation Need to Be Removed If Upgrading?

For the most part, the answer is no. The only time you would need to have it removed is if you are getting your roof deck spray foamed. If you are getting traditional type insulation you can leave the old in, to help add to the R-Value of whatever is added. If you are considering spray foam, we offer a very affordable foam option that is a fraction of the cost of foaming the roof deck.

Areas We Can Remove Insulation From

Attics are the most common of places we do removals from, but we can actually remove it from almost anywhere. We can remove insulation from crawlspaces or even walls if you are doing a wall off remodel.

So if you are needing old, dirty, or wet insulation removed. Feel free to fill out a quote form or call us at one of our offices!

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