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Crawlspace Work

Difficulty of Project:      Average Job Duration: 1-2 Days    Energy Savings: 20%

In the south, fixing and getting your attic up to par with new homes is priority, but did you also know, depending on where you live, the crawlspace can be almost just as important. Before we get into the repairs and upgrades you can have done to your crawlspace, I want to touch on some of the problems you might encounter in your home, and not even know they are related to your crawlspace.


Problems that can be caused by your crawlspace

Poor Air Quality- The quality of air in your home can be directly effected by the quality of air under your home. Floors are actually breathable membranes that can absorb and pass on anything that is on the other side. If you have stagnant air and mold in your crawlspace, then it is definitely effecting the air inside your home.

High Energy Bills- This can be especially true for the colder times of year and older homes. Cold crawlspaces can transfer temperature through the floor, especially when it is cold outside.

Buckling Floors- Buckling or warping floors can typically be caused by two things. One: a foundation that is failing in some sort of way. Two: moisture in the crawlspace that is rising up, soaking the sub floor/floor and causing it to warp.


The Solution

While it may seem like a daunting task to fix or prevent these problems, two of them can be fixed with one solution: a crawlspace encapsulation.

Poor air quality, and buckling floors are commonly caused by the same problem, which is moisture under the house. Even if there is no water pooling up, or spots where rain can enter the crawslpace, water can enter through the block foundation or through the ground itself.

The solution is to completely encase the crawlspace in a plastic like material, essentially waterproofing the whole area. Moisture levels drastically drop immediately after installation, and you can be rest assured that your home will be protected for a much longer period of time than leaving it exposed to the elements.

The second problem that arrises can be a very cold floor in the winter time. This can be mitigated by simply adding insulation under the house to block the cool air from coming in.

So before you waste tons of money on ventilation systems and dehumidifiers, try these simple solutions and see if they work for you. If need crawlspace work done, or just a simple inspection, give us a call today.


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– Ashley

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