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AC Duct Repair

Difficulty of Project:    Average Job Duration: 1/2 Day    Energy Savings: 25-30%

Your ac ducts are the veins of your home’s air conditioning system. If one of these “veins” were leaking, would you just leave it, or would you seal it up as soon as possible? Hopefully you answered the latter, because if not, you could be wasting a lot of money on air conditioning your attic. This is why AC duct repair is so crucial.

Air ducts are not complicated. Their only job is to carry the air from the air conditioner, to the given room. But when, cracks and tears are introduced along the way, this can be a major issue. All that air, that your air conditioner worked so hard to cool is just leaking straight out into your attic, and not making it to the inside of your house.

 Did you know your house can feel perfectly fine, but you may actually be leaking out 20-30% of your conditioned air into your attic?

Most of the time, the gaps and cracks can be easy to find and fix, but there are also places where air leaks out and you would never know.

Every joint, or meeting of two parts, in your ac system is a potential for air to leak through. The best way to handle this is by applying mastic to every possible joint in the system.


This simple and quick fix will definitely help take a load off your tired ac system.  Call today for a free quote!


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