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Interested in reducing your power bill? Wanting to add some extra insulation to your attic? Or are you just wanting to do some spring cleaning in your crawlspace under your home? Look no further than ANR Home Insulation, Tallahasee FL’s leading insulation contractor. We specialize in squeezing every last ounce of efficiency out of your home. Instead of just masking the problems, we do thorough inspections of each house, and offer you with several options and different price points. From air sealing foam to attic ventalation, we’ve got you covered.

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Blown Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation

You can never have too much insulation is an understatement. When fighting these hot southern temperatures, every inch helps.
Attic Air Sealing

Air Sealing

Air sealing stops a major, if not the most crucial energy waste in a home. House’s can typically waste up to 25% of conditioned air, just through air leaks alone.
AC Duct Sealing

Air Duct Sealing

Air ducts are the veins and arteries of your air conditiong system. You wouldn’t want one of your veins constantly leaking would. Leaks are typically of a cause of premature AC unit failures.
Crawlspace Insulation

Crawlspace Work

Even though your crawlspace is not part of your living space, what happens down here, effects your entire home. Find out what you can do to improve your crawlspace.

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Fixed our old home in Tallahassee right up!

 After finally deciding to settle down in Tallahassee, we realized our new home was very under insulated. We called ANR, and they looked at it, quoted us, and finished the job all in 3 days! Amazing!

-Cynthia W.

Very efficient

These guys were able to upgrade my home in a matter of hours. To top it off the difference was instantly noticeable. Would and reccommend them to everyone I know.

– Arthur S.

So much more comfortable now

Our home was so unevenly cooled and it just made everything uncomfortable. We had our attic air sealed, and now the comfortable air conditioned air actually stays in our home! Money well spent.

-Ellen M.

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We are a local business that is built off of the satisfaction of our customers. We believe in our products and stand behind our work. With over 800 jobs completed in the FL Panhandle alone, you can trust us to do the job right.






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